random thoughts

Blame it to post-partum depression...
*Why is it that there are some people who wouldn't just understand? They always have their reasons and stick with it no matter how you explain things to them. 
*Life is not simple at all. There are times when you need to really strive and make ends meet but it wouldn't even meet half-way. While there are also times when you don't do anything at all but blessing just keep on pouring in. Life is not really fair... I hope I know the winning combinations for the next lotto draw.
*Diabetes is hereditary. The girls are loving chocolates each day, especially when they see that there are a lot of it on the fridge. I hope they won't be diagnosed with diabetes in the future. I'll forever worry about them having complications such as bladder cancer. I heard that there are some medicines which have higher risk of having bladder cancer as complications. One of which is the Actos meds. I also heard that actos attorneys are out to help patients who acquired this disease. Watts Guerra Craft LLP is waiting to be contacted in case you know someone who is concern with this case.
*I wanted to have more source of income :) Is it time that we focus on our own business? But where to get the capital is the next big question... again, lotto combi please :)
*I think I am desperate in winning the lotto. As if this is the only answer to my worries. 

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