I am pregnant with our third (and hopefully last) child. As my previous pregnancies, this one is relatively easy. I haven't experience morning sickness or what. Compared with my first, I am only diagnosed with Impaired Glucose, meaning only one variable is higher than normal values with regards to my OGTT. This further means that I just have to monitor my diet and I would be safe from taking insulin again. 

I remember during my first pregnancy, I had to endure insulin shots twice a day. Aside from this, I also need to monitor my sugar level from time to time. If not for the expensive strips, I would have to endure 3x daily monitoring. Now, I'd rather keep a straight diet than undergo the same routine again. 

Despite having GDM, I still consider myself lucky that I do not have Diabetes during non-pregnancy days. I am afraid of dealing with diabetes medicines like Actos.There are studies that show that Actos (also known as Duetact, ActoplusMet or Competact in the market), may lead to injuries that can further lead to Actos lawsuit. There were cases where injuries like heart failure, increased risk of bladder cancer and heart attacks are experienced after patients take in Actos medicine.

I am now on my 6th month, about to enter the third trimester. A few more weeks and I'll be able to eat everything I want again. I would have to say bye bye to my fear of diabetes again... hopefully this would be the last pregnancy. 

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