angel on its way

There is another baby on its way. It's not from our side but from Tita Tines'. In 5 months, she will give birth to her and Tito Sonny's child. As a first time mom, she is very excited and anxious. She is likewise 'paranoid' with how she is feeling. I can totally relate because I was like that too.

We got worried about her baby though during their first trimester. She got chicken pox. Good thing she knew about it on the first sign and her OB gave her corresponding safe medicine. She didn't even got the chance to finish everything because the chicken pox subsided immediately. Thank God she didn't have to face the same situation as that of those mothers who took Topamax on their pregnancy days. This is not a medicine for chicken pox but for migraine. I heard that there were mothers whose child came out with defects because they were able to take in the medicine during their first trimester. Some kids had notched lips while others had open groove on their roof of their mouth to their nose. Though it is not the mother's fault, it is still very disturbing. In cases like these, it is recommended that they find lawyers whose expertise are on this field. The O' Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath handle Topamax lawsuit. These are Personal Injury Lawyers  from 808 West Avenue, Austin., TX 78701. If you are within the area, you can call them through 512-494-9949 for consultation.

Anyways, Tita Tine is now on her 4th month. She doesn't have traces of chicken pox at all. Happy with her pregnancy and very eager to shopping her baby things (I guess).  

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