thankful Thursday

I wasn't able to join last week's Thankful Thursday but I am doing it now ahead of everybody else (it is only Monday here on my part).

I am forever thankful to mothers, most especially my mom. She celebrated her 58th birthday with us and I am happy that she did. We had 2 celebrations for her. One of the 29th of Nov and another on Dec 3 (the day of her birthday). She was on the mood to cook so we let her be. I just bought additional cake so that she has something to blow and made wish for. My mom is the best that we could ever be. She is always there for us no matter what. She never fails to show her unending love of us her children. Now that I have my own kids, she is still there. Not only as a mom now but as a spoiler granny :)

Another thing that I am thankful for is the 13th month bonus. G got his share already and now we are ready to do our Christmas shopping. It is our way of paying forward and sharing our blessings to others.

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