lost coins

And I thought we lost it.

We used the unity coins for our wedding. It is composed of 13 gold-plated coins which has different designs on it. I loved this because it symbolizes the values needed for a successful marriage. These coins are placed in a white box and ours are still on its original box though we had a different pouch for it during the ceremony.

It has been 5 years since we got married and this is how long I already have those coins. Lately I cleaned our closets and didn't find the coins. I thought we lost it or someone took it. When I cleaned our cabinet in the living room, I found the arrhae safely kept in one of the boxes. I am so grateful because it means that I do not need to buy gold coins anymore to serve as our arrhae. I was on the look out for it through United States Gold Bureau, a reliable and distinguish dealer of precious metals. The company have knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions related to these metals. What's more is that they could deliver the coins anywhere that you want it. Be it on a different bank or anywhere else. Gold and silver is also available in different denominations such as bullion, ingot or coins.

Anyway, good thing that I found our original coins. No more spending again and these 'gold coins' are blessed to symbolize our marriage. It will be different if ever we'll buy a new set of coins.

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