survivor bet

I'd go for Solenn :) She is the only person who doesn't have issues with her group. She was silent on last night's episode because they do not have anything to say to her, unlike with the other three (Ervic, Aubrey & Aki). If Nanay Elma wasn't voted out, she'd be my bet because 'she needs it (the cash money) more than Solenn'.

If the prize money was given to me, the first thing that I'd think of is to invest it. It is not everyday that a common tao get to hold that big amount. I'd choose between putting up a grocery or franchising a cart business from it. I can also consider to invest it and buy gold coins. I can get it from United States Gold Bureau. The company that offers precious metals like gold and silver in bullions, ingots and coins. They even have American Gold Eagle Coins. This company is very reliable and they have staff to assist you in your needs. You can visit them or call them and they would answer all your inquiries.

Going back to Survivor, the sole survivor will be announced tomorrow night. I hope that the kids will sleep early so that I can watch the episode.

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