lotto winner

What would you do if you win the lotto grand prize amounting to almost 500M? 
Thank God. I'd choose a charity that I would sponsor. I'll go for an orphanage with abandoned and abused children. I'd give enough fund to assure that the children will be well taken cared of until someone adopts them. 
Splurge. I'll buy everyone big presents for Christmas. I'll still personally shop for everyone. This time without looking at the price tag. Christmas comes only once so I'll make up for the past Christmases that I was still within a tight budget. I could buy gold bullion as gifts. It will be great since I could have it delivered right at the doorsteps of the recipients. I could also request that it be placed in banks for safekeeping while waiting for the day. Aside from gold, I could also avail silver. Not only would it be a gift but it would also be an investment to the recipient. With the demand of these precious metals these days, my loved ones will surely enjoy this type of gift. 
Relax.  I could have my dream vacation with my family. I could also be more generous and include my closest friends to my next escapade. 
Invest. This will take time since I want to be wise as to where we should put the money. 
Whew! Now I need to go out and get my lotto tickets. The list is not possible unless I get those tickets first :)  

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