happy turkey day 2010

Thanksgiving is not really a practice here in the Philippines but I still hope I could answer today's meme properly :) 

Saturday 9: Happy Turkey Day 2010
1. Tell us about you very favorite (yes we know that's redundant) Thanksgiving. - none so far :) I hope to experience one soon

2. What are you doing for Turkey Day this year? - It will be an ordinary day for me. Probably a day spent with y family. 

3. If you were to go to somebody else’s house, what would be your favorite dish to bring? - If we were to celebrate it, I'd probably bring a dessert. The turkey will be provided by the host, I supposed :) 

4. Tell us about the funniest person that you'll be with this Thanksgiving. - My husband

5. What would surprise us to know about your Thanksgivings? - 

6. Does your usual mix of guests result in drama, or is it a group you’re happy to see? - duh

7. What did your family do for Thanksgiving when you were a kid? Do you still do it? - another not applicable for me

8. We know you've been asked this probably 15 times this week. But share with us in 2010, what are you most thankful for? - For my family and for the blessings that we have been continually receiving. I am most thankful for my daughters. They made me feel the essence of being a woman, being their mother. 

9. Okay, the big question: are you going to 'attend' any of the "Black Friday" sales? ...and if you are, are you hard core serious like the 5 am "be there" crowd? - I'd love too! Probably I'll just join the online shopping though 

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