For a change, I wanted to enroll to this short course on 'Appraisal of Jewelries' or something. I am not so sure with the title but it's somehow similar to it.

After getting married, I was so interested with wedding planning and coordination. I was with my SFC sisses when we conceptualized the idea. I was into it already but they weren't that ready with the works. They wanted just a little of it. Then I moved to Laguna, everything took the back seat.

Now I wanted to know more about precious metals like gold and silver. I wanted to learn about karats and everything about it. I wanted to try to inquire from the United States Gold Bureau to know more about these precious metals and how to invest on it. This group has staffs that are knowledgeable about these metals. In addition, they could also teach me on which metals I should invest to. I believe that gold bar is available, as well as ingots and bullions. Gold is good for starters since it is widely known and that it is the symbol for power and wealth.

Gold then silver then diamonds. I also like to learn about rubies and garnets and other precious gems too. Good luck to me. I hope I'd have the time to study. Online course perhaps?

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