weekend getaway

We had an impromptu travel last weekend. Instead of just having breakfast at Paseo and Nuvali, we went to Tagaytay and Batangas for a joy ride.

Initially, we planned to eat breakfast at the 'Little Bread House' in Paseo and go to Nuvali after, to feed the fish. While eating our breads, G thought of 'what if we go to Tagaytay?'. I didn't hesitate because I was thinking of buying meat from Mahogany Market. So we headed to Nuvali. It was still early when we got there. We waited for sometime for the stall (the one that sells fish food) to open. While waiting we took pictures and roamed around the area. By 8 am, we were already feeding the koi fish in the pond.

A little later, we headed to Tagaytay. Instead of going directly to the market, G drove going to Batangas. He wanted to show to us the Fantasy World. This is a place where Majika was shoot. It is a fantasy world because it has castle in the area. We didn't enter the place. They charge P1000 as entrance fee. This is good for 10 people. We don't have budget for it so we just stayed outside. The place look enchanting even from a far. If only we have alloted for the entrance then it would be better. This makes me wonder if it is worth having gold coin at this time. The one that is sold at Gold Bureau, something that makes good investments. Why? Because these coins make you earn more each year. Aside from the coin forms, gold also come in ingot forms. And every year the value increases as much as the demand increases. The idea of having these coins mean that there won't be any problems with entrances or whatsoever.

Back to our travel, after taking pictures at Fantasy World, we went back to Mahogany Market and bought the stuff that we needed. We got the cow's meat plus more fruits. We tried looking for cassava cake along the way but the stores don't have any stock.

As a whole we enjoyed our short trip. We got several pictures to document our satisfied selves.

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