thankful thursday

I am doing this early for this week. It has been sometime since I last participated to this meme so wanted to make up for it :)

I am thankful for:
* the kids' health - they had colds the past days and they are already healed as of this writing. It is very difficult having a sick household and with kids' as patients make it more painful and tiring for me.

* everyday blessings - I have countless ones. Whether small or big, I am thankful for everything that comes our way. Thankful for the food in our table, our shelter and our good health.

* career growth for tatay - another training in the future. It is a one-week training that will help him do better in his work.

* gifts from the sheriff - I have a little more than I am expecting. If I could catch up with the work, I might start  shopping for Christmas earlier than I expected.


Denise said...

Sweet list.

Michele Williams said...

For sweet thankful post. May He continue to bless you.

Cindy said...

Wonderful list of blessing.

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Just started joining this meme. thanks for your post. =)