shopping galore

I wish I could manage to shop early for Christmas. It will be a challenge going to the malls for the Christmas rush since I can not go out our house without a child with me. Going to the mall is easy but staying inside the mall and looking around is difficult.

In case I bring the elder child with me, she'd want to move around more than stay in one area. She would shout her heart out once she wants something and doesn't get it. If ever she gets to sleep, it would be harder to shop carrying someone while checking on things or items.

In case I bring the youngest, life is easier if she is sleeping. She will comfortable sleep inside the sling but once she feels out, you can hear her cry too. If she gets hungry, the louder she would wail.

Leaving them both at home is a no no either. The caregiver cannot handle them both. Unless there would be a third person to stay behind.

Ending - I might just shop online. Order through multiply or other online stores. Problem - not all online sellers accept credit cards :(

I hope I get to go about my Christmas shopping.

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