random thoughts

I have been updating and writing on this blog and so far I can say that I am satisfied with what I have been doing.

Here are my accomplishments:
* I was able to change the lay-out of the blog. It has been sometime since I last edited and changed the blog's design. The last design was even considered as 'out of circulation' already. Imagine how long that has been. The present design is 'newer' and updated. Next thing I hope to do with the blog is to finally buy the 'domain' for it. Maybe in the next few months.

* I have written some posts that are already published while there are also some that still needs to be edited. I made my posts on reviving this blog and how I can do it; my baby Stef; the family's future plans; and on investments, like gold coins. In fact, I already received some emails regarding this post. Some friends are also interested since I wrote that precious metals like gold and silver are in demand these days. They can even buy it and have it delivered on their banks for safekeeping purposes.

* In addition to these changes, I still need to update my links. This will take sometime since I have to check on my list individually.

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