plans for the future

September marks another year of togetherness. For us, this also means that we need to plan another year for the family. Plans that are easy to attain and within the time frame specified.

The first thing that we consider in every plan is the budget and the schedule. This year, we plan to go out of the country for a family vacation. It is easier for me and the children to choose dates because we only stay at home and we can leave anytime. It is G who has concerns to consider. With regards to date, we are considering September of 2011.

Another future plan is to invest. We are considering insurances initially but we are also looking into stocks, mutual funds and gold coins. I haven't really understood stocks and mutual funds so we may go into gold first. I read good reviews about it on the net. It says that gold never go down and in fact, there is an increase in demand for it. There is also no worries when it comes to purchasing it because you can have it delivered to your bank immediately for safety purposes. Aside from it, you can also have it in coins and ingot forms. If you are not into gold, you can also have the option of buying silvers.

Lastly, we also plan to improve our home. As I've said, renovations are still going on. With the next months, we plan to have the attic and the second floor fixed.

All of these plans, we lift up to God. Everything is possible with His guidance.

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