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Whenever I get the time to check and write on this blog, I always make sure to my Live Traffic Feed. According to it, most of my visitors drop by to check on my Follicle Monitoring Post. If you use google.com and search using the words follicle monitoring, you will see that my post come second to the result.

While reading it again, I am not satisfied with how I wrote it. I wish I had written more on how it was done and what I felt while the procedure was going on. If I can rewrite it, this would be how I wanted it more to be... I hope I can do even a little justice to it.

Follicle monitoring is a process that is usually done to women who wanted to know how the egg cells are developing on their ovaries. This procedure is made several days after menstruation. If I remember it right, it was about a week after my period or several days after taking clomid. This is done every other day to see the improvement of each cell. To check on the egg cells, a TVU is made. Some say that TVU or transvaginal ultrasound is painful, but for me it is not. Maybe because I was taught to relax and inhale while the 'rod' is being put inside. Once the instrument is inside, the OB sonologist will look for egg cells. With clomid, there is an increase in number of egg cells produced per cycle. On my experience, the egg cells produced are not always the same in number. There were times when I had a total of 10 big egg cells while there were also instances when I had only 3. These egg cells are measured by getting its diameter. It is then recorded for file.

As I've said, each cycle usually requires 3 follicle monitoring. The third or last one, is usually when the egg was already expected to rupture or burst. At times, a medicine (sorry I forgot the name) is given to burst the egg.  Before the expected time of rupture, my OB would suggest contact the night before. I think this is when I am supposed to be fertile :)

Out of 4 or 6 cycles of clomid and follicle monitoring, I was not one of the few who get pregnant. I only got pregnant 4 months after my last cycle of monitoring. As I always say, in His Time, your baby will be given to you.

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