digiscrapping 101

I have tried the traditional scrapbooking and I loved it. I love the elements, the papers, the embellishments, the magazines and the tools. The only thing that is restraining me from doing it is the fact that I need to invest on it. I still do not have the budget to go full blast on this hobby... as an alternative, I am now learning the digiscrapping.

To start with, I have to further look for more sites that offer free kits. I already joined some groups that shares like to these. I have also added several sites and blogs that give free links to it.

Downloading the kits is another step. I still have to invest in a higher hard disk to accommodate my kits. I also need to organize it according to the kits' theme. In addition, it is also more convenient if I could label/tag each kit well for easier coordination.

Lastly, I need to have more time to start. I need creative juices and I don't want to be pressured at all once I start working on my scraps. This part is still questionable for now. I hope to manage my sched before the year ends.

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