ber = christmas

Philippines celebrate one of the longest Christmas ever. This starts whenever the ber months come in. For me, ber month doesn't only mean Christmas but it also marks the month that our family started.

In 6 days, we will be celebrating our 7th year together. It has been that long since we took the first step of starting our small family. For this year, we haven't plan anything yet. Unlike our earlier days, we always make it a point to have an out of town trip. This time we haven't even thought if we'd celebrate at all since the 10th of the month also marks the birthdate of our youngest daughter. That would be 2 occasions in a row celebrated if ever. So we could just make 2 simple celebrations for both. There will just be a cake and a more special viand for dinner.

The gifts - it will have to wait. I will just give hubby his gift on Christmas. Several events rolled in one :)

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