been busy

There are several things that have been keeping me busy throuhtout these years.

My Family - It has been growing. From TTCing to 2 kids in row now. I am now a SAHM looking after my daughters and our small family.

My Business - I now have a sari-sari store here in my house. It has been helping a little, giving a little compensation. If I could make this store to a mini-grocery. it would be better. If I could buy gold eagle coins, it could be the best. Gold and silver buillons and ingots are now making its way to the market for investors. It has started to make its niche to the investment world. What's even better is that you can have it delivered on your banks or to wherever is convenient to you. From what I've read, these metals have increased in value throughout these years. The demand has increased and yet the supply is still the same. The value of your money is indeed worth it.

My Home - It has started to look like a real home. There are several renovations and constructions made and there are still some in the future. We are still on the process of making it look better.

My Work = Throughout the years, I am still blessed with opportunities to work while at home. It may not pay much but it helps augment our daily needs :)

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marie said...

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