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Time flies. I always say this now, especially when I look at my daughter. Same time last year, she was just learning to adopt to her new environment which is outside the womb. Right now, she is already running in the street always looking for something new.

Since it is always her (and her new sister's) future that I think of I always try to search for ways on how to invest properly. There are times that I feel tempted to just get an educational plan for her (them) but when I think of how the pre-need plans are today, it makes me think again. While reading and surfing, I read about the gold market. This is not new but it is also something that I am not really that familiar of. Thanks to the internet, I can now gather sufficient data once I really get into it.

So why buy gold bars? Because it is more stable, even when compared to the US dollar. The value appreciates over time even if it is constantly moving. Despite the crisis experienced in US, it still stood on its ground. It even moved to $11.30 as of the last trading day. Given these facts, it is indeed a lot better investing on gold these days. But be wary on where to buy. Always look for the authorized 'dealers' so that your money won't go to waste.

I'll open this up to hubby. He has to have a say on this matter since it will be our future at stake. Maybe this is what he is waiting for too. He wishes to end his 24/7 job soon and spend more time with the family. We are hoping to fulfill this within the next 5 years... but with the gold bars, we might end up achieving this goal in lesser time :)

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