'the' domain

I learned blogging through this site. I started writing here during my pre-wedding days and since then I've been trying to update this as often as I could. Compared with the other 2, this is the only site that does not have its own domain name. This is the reason why I sometimes tend to neglect this site. To make up for it, I am buying one soon. Right now, I am on lookout for the best possible host for this site. I only wanted the best because I believe that one can write better if s/he does not have any problems with his/her host. In line with this, I have to check out webhostinggeeks.com. This site has a list of the Top 10 webhosting companies that are cheap, reliable and efficient. They have their own reviews on these companies, which means that they did not have to favor one over the other. They are not bias and only gives the best review that they can offer.

Among my choices are Bluehost, LunarPages and GoDaddy. I am now using GoDaddy on one of my blogs but I wanted to compare it with the other two. I think I am not able to maximize my host at present so I need to further read on it...

Nways, I hope to purchase the domain soon so that I can start with the new design and concept of this site. I will still talk about our life together (generally) but I will also still talk about anything that I can think of.

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