neglected blog

I am so guilty of neglecting this blog. It has been ages since I last updated it. As I've been saying, my hands have been full the past days. My baby girl has been keeping me busy and my world is simply revolving with her. I've had adjustments to face since this is my first time to have a responsibility as big as she is :). From my experiences, it is no joke being a full-time mother.

But now that she is already on her 2nd month and she has adjusted well herself, life has been easier for me. I now know her routine so I get to 'work' during these times. I really take advantage of these hours because when she is up, she'd require all my attention.

Because of this, I can now start to make a 'doable' schedule for my blogging. I hope to update this blog more often from now on. I would resort to memes so that it is easier for me to 'get the ball rolling' :)

I hope you visit me again soon. Expect some updates from time to time as well :p

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