10 things I love doing on Vacation

Who wouldn't love vacations? I for one LOVE it...

Here is my List for the 10 things I love doing on vacation
1. Travel - It may sound tiring but I like going to a different place for vacation.
2. Sleep - This is the first thing that I need to do.

3. Swim - As much as possible, I need to enjoy the water.
4. Stroll - Move around the place, look for tourist spots.

5. Take Pictures - This is a must! I might not be able to visit the place again so I need to document my stay.

6. Shopping - Another souvenir of my visit.
7. Eat - I need this to survive. In addition, the food should be the place's specialty.
8. Read - I need some catching up.

9. Meet friends - If I visit a place where there is a friend in the area, I must meet them. It is not frequent that I still get to go out and see friends.

10. Talk, talk, talk - Since I usually go on vacations with hubby, we never get tired of talking about anything under the sun. We would sleep late because we talk so much. It is during vacations when we plan our future :)

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