scheduled posts

I like this feature of Blogger... why? because I can write many posts before hand and it would just be published on the days that I wanted them to be posted... On the other hand, I also write several posts after several days to fill-in the times that I wasn't able to write. It doesn't make my blog looked like it is being left behind.

This is the reason why I am saving up for the domain name of this blog. Ever since, I have been buying domains on godaddy.com but I worry about my host. I think that I haven't maximized the host that they provided (check my Housewife's Blog). I wanted to add features as well as change my lay-out but I do not know how to do it. On the other hand, I tried using the free host of godaddy but it is so limited with its features. I cannot add elements to its sidebar, which makes it boring (check my Baby Gwenk's site).

I've been with blogger for almost 3 years now and it has been easier for me... so for my next domain, I will definitely get it from them :) the features are just great!!!

*This is not a paid post, okay :) I just feel writing what is in my mind.

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