fresh and new

Whenever I write posts for my blog, I try to find appropriate pictures for it. I always end up looking for sites that offer free blog images. In the end, I only see the same sets of images and pictures in all search engines. As much as I wanted to shoot my own pictures, the output of the images are not that good. The camera that I am using is obsolete (or I am not that talented at all) that I cannot get the shots that I wanted to have.

I sometimes ask my friends to shoot for me :) but there are also times when they cannot find the time to do it or the subject that I needed... in the end, I still look for
free images for bloggers in the net. One of the current sites that I found is the Acobox. Bloggers can get free images from this site. Aside from bloggers, this is also a place for photographers who wanted to share their shots. It compensates all members because shots are well-executed and imaginative. Shots are fresh and new... something that readers would love to see while reading blog posts. It would encourage readers to go back and visit your site.

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