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I noticed that more and more people are wearing eyeglasses these days. Is it because of the frequent use of computers? Or is it more because of 'it' being in fashion? Whatever the reason is, I know that most of these eyeglass users wanted to achieve better vision. I can relate because I myself have been wearing eyeglasses since I was in 5th grade. It is frustrating at first because I felt that I was 'different' from other people. But when I found the style that best suited my face frame, I regained my confidence back.

Back then, choosing designs was not easy because of the limited number available. Good thing, these days, there are already a wide array to choose from. Zenni Optical alone has different categories to choose from. Either it is for male or female, with rim or rimless, metallic or plastic, they all have these. Aside from these Zenni Optical also have different types of lenses according to your needs. They have single vision lens, bifocal lens, potochromic lens (also known as sunsensor lenses), progressive lens as well as tinted sunglasses. And the price? It starts with as low as $8. It is really worth it... I've read several good reviews on products from Zenni Optical and I must say that these are consistent.

At this time, we need not compensate better vision with the price that we pay for our eyewear. We just have to look at proper sites and we can avail for something that we need at a minimal amount.

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Anonymous said...

Can you believe the difference in price between places like this and the full service optical stores attached to some eye doctors offices? I wonder why there is such a big discrepancy?