3 on 3

10.29 is a very special day for us. This is the time when our union was blessed by the Church. To most people close to us, this is our anniversary because this is the wedding that they were able to witness.

On our third year, we are very happy because the only wish that we have been praying for has been answered. On our third year, we are already 3 and it marks our start of completing our small family. Though baby Gwenks is still inside my tummy, she has been actively participating and giving her 'say'.

After 3 years of being together, I must say that this relationship has grown. It is not merely you and me but us. Life has been more meaningful because in every situation that we are in to, it has always been between us and others.

To my husband, I love you more each day. There have been minor ups and downs in this relationship but at the end of the day, it will always be your hugs and kisses that matters most. You have been a good provider and an excellent partner. I am really thankful that you have been chosen to be my partner in this world. I cannot ask for more.

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