unimaginable callers

I have been missing my afternoon naps for several days already, the reason... I have been receiving calls from annoying telemarketers. The first question that comes to my mind is how they are able to get my phone number since I seldom use the land line number on any of my transactions. If ever I do use it, it is more of my Baguio phone number that I use since this is where my billing address is located. The first call was still okay because I thought the telemarketers were looking for my MIL when they said that they wanted to talk to Mrs. Salvilla. But when they asked to talked to me, I already started to doubt. I politely turned down the offer since I am not interested with what they are offering but the next day, another telemarketer called again and offered the said items... hay!!! If only I can have an access on how to identify these telemarketers, then I wouldn't have to answer their calls anymore. I would know if it would just waste my time like other telemarketers out there.

I already miss my afternoon naps, I hope to have it back really soon...

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Mayet said...

sometimes I also get calls like this, but now when I see the caller ID and see a particular number then I don't answer.
My husband use another tactic--he answers and say he is not home!!