QOTW #31

I am again joining this week's QOTW. If you want to join as well, visit us here

1. Do you draw conclusions about what a person might look/act like in real life because of their photos posted on their blogs? - There is a tendency but I also compare it with how they write or post their articles para fair.

2. Choose 5 online friends you want to meet in person. And tell us why each one of them.
rocks - she's my ttc classmate whom i love sharing my stories with. same kami in most cases and kwento... i found a sister in her :)
arlene - another ttc friend that I met online... i wanted to share with her the joy of motherhood (sana she'll be a mom na din soon and other ttc bloggers as well)
manang J - an elder sis that found online and that I admire so much :) basta, I can't find words to say how I respect her
jan - another sis online who has a big heart :)
mm - a w@w sis whom i was supposed to meet before pa kaso wrong timing. i hope the next time would be better... she's preggy also now (congrats to you and aaron sis)

3. When was the last time you climbed a tree? - The first and last time I climbed a tree was when we had to be on top of a tree for a COCC activity in HS. Marunong kasi ako umakyat pero palpak pagbaba so I never tried again.

4. Would you rather be a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond? Metaphorically. - I'd rather be the small fish in a big pond. This means bigger opportunity, more freedom and space to enjoy. In short, I don't want to be restricted at all.

5. Do you have any royalty or historically famous people in your ancestry? - Sabi lang ng mga uncle ko si Ninoy Aquino daw pinsan nila ... but never really got the chance to meet his family or any of his closer relatives in real situations kaya malamang 'imagination lang nila yun'.

6. Is it difficult for you to sleep on the “wrong” side of your shared bed? - Nope, I can sleep on whatever side of the bed, wag lang waking up on the wrong side of the bed :D

7. Imagine, you’re alone in the world, what would you do? - I think I'd rather die. Knowing that I am all alone makes me sad and incomplete.

8. Have you ever wished that you were famous? - Nope, magulo daw buhay ng famous eh... richer siguro, pwede pa.

9. As you get older do you find that you behave more and more like your parents? - Yup, more like my mom. I am starting to be her shadow, in some ways.

10. List your 5 top most wants to receive for Christmas this year! - For my Top 5:
1. a room filled with baby stuffs that baby Gwenks will need and use for the next 12 months
2. a business like a mini-grocery that will keep me preoccupied while waiting for baby G's arrival
3. a new set of wardrobe
4. brand new laptop
5. cellphone and digicam

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juliana said...

hey, ako ba yun?

It would have been nice to meet up when I was there recently, but I stayed most of the time sa province and was only in Manila for four days. besides, that trip was unplanned.

who knows we'll be there next year. you'll never know. if it happens I will certainly want to meet up w/ you. by then with baby in tow.

thanks for being so nice.