pregnancy updates

When I checked my chatbox, I saw that sis Ann left a message asking for an update regarding my pregnancy :) So far, all is well and good for me and baby Gwenks. The little baby is already starting to do some moves that amazes me and G. He is even starting to be fond of one song. Baby Gwenks is doing certain movements whenever he hears the song 'Una Lacrima Sul Viso'. I think this is a French song about an unspoken love...

I am now on my 5th month and still growing bigger as usual. For more updates on baby Gwenks, please visit the blog that we made exclusively for him, here.


juliana said...

"he" nga ba siya talaga? did I miss the gender announcement?

glad to hear everything is going well with you and the baby.

mari said...

hi manang! thanks for dropping by... nope, wala pang gender announcement kasi we haven't had our ultrasound yet. by the end of this month pa. I used 'he' lang para mas madali isulat :)

i dropped by your sites to drop my EC. bago mga lay-outs, ganda! :)