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Thanks to the link I found on Peachy's site, I was able to change my lay-out... as I have posted here, I have been trying to give my blog a new look but I always receive the error message. While reading through Peachy's post, I noticed the site on the upper left side of her blog and clicked it. Luckily, I was directed to it.

The verdict... I highly recommend it. it is very easy to use. You will just have to past it as one of the elements on your sidebar and that's it. You can also modify the colors according to your preference but I still haven't worked on this part yet so I cannot teach how it really works.

There are many lay-outs to choose from. I know that there is something you can associate your blog with it...

I just feel so appreciative of the site, that is why I am writing about it... It really helped me a lot... Now, I'm planning when I would change my lay-out again. :)

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momie milette said...

sabi ko na nga ba bago template mo eh. ec dropping ako.