its Friday...

Thank GOD it's Friday... I super love Fridays!!!

This is the last day of the week and this means I can sleep a little later than usual the next day. I do not need to wake up early to prepare breakfast... and it would even be better if G is in the mood to cook our breakfast :) Saturdays (that is he doesn't have any OT) has always been the bonding time for me and G. Tomorrow will be different. Since their company celebrates the Mooncake Festival, he has to go to the office and attend the event. Later, he will attend the birthday of his manager. As much as I wanted to come, I won't because I will just feel tired after the long travel... and end up, not enjoying the day at all.

Sunday, we will have to go to the airport and fetch FIL. He will be arriving from Davao for a brief vacation that will last for a day or two siguro :) I hope he brings home pomelo... yum yum...

So that's it. I guess this is how my weekend will be.

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