i love him

He has been my constant companion during my growing years. Wherever he is transferred, I always go with him (leaving the rest of his family behind, who would just follow after we establish the new home). He has been there during the most special events in my life. I couldn't remember any recognition or graduation day that he wasn't there with me. He has always been so proud of me.

Whenever I see fathers with their daughters, I always remember the bonding times that I spent with dad. I have LOTS of these memories. Whenever I am asked to share stories about my dad, I'll always start it with how devoted he is to his family. Being in sales helped a lot, since he can get off from work earlier than others, and he can fetch us from school. He also makes sure that we always have meals together. Aside from this, he also makes it a point to provide us the best that he can give.

Despite being a cool dad, he is also strict. He seldom scolds us but when he does, every word that he says always stay in our mind. One piece of advice that he shared with us (his children) is 'To always weight things before getting into it. Always check for the advantages and disadvantages.' It has remained in our mind that whenever we do anything, we'd consider the pros and cons of it.

Yesterday, he celebrated his 54th birthday. I decided not to call him early as I used to. I wanted him to think that I forgot about his day. Around 6pm, he called me up. He told me that I might have forgotten about his bday and that he is calling to inform me about it :) He said that all my siblings already called and it was unusual that I am the last one. He also said that he miss his 'butchug's messages already. (I always text him these days with messages supposedly coming from his newest apo, whom we fondly call butchug).

To my dad, the best dad ever... and the best most doting lolo daddy in the world... Happy Birthday... We wish you more years and more birthdays. We wish that on your next birthday, little Butchug will be there to celebrate it with you. We all love you. MWAH!!!!

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