5 and up

Exactly five years ago, G and I made a vow that we will be together forever...

We were scheduled for 1 pm at Pasay CIty Hall. I have no idea how we would do it but since he already made prior arrangements, everything was already set. We dropped by Glorietta first since one of our friends is waiting for us there.

Before 1 pm, we were already on our way to the city hall. We had to wait for several minutes because one officiating officer was still conducting marriage inside the room. This is good for us since we are still waiting for another friend to arrived (who later arrived with his gf).

Then they already called for us. The officiating minister doesn't look like a real one (bad kami... judging the book agad, akala namin tuloy peke). He started by asking if we went there with our own free will, if we are really sure of what we wanted to get into... syempre, we said yes. He then went into reading some bible verses and explaining it to us. He made good sermon (in fairness). It was worth listening to. After that, he asked us to exchange our rings. There's a blooper on this part. My ring was way too big for me that even if I had to put it on my thumb, it will still fall while G's ring was just right that he even needs the help of soap to remove it. Then he announced us as husband and wife :)

We haven't posted any of our pictures on that day because it was a secret during that time. The friends that we had on that day were the closest ones we have. They were our kasabwat...

After 5 years, we are still together and continually growing each day. We have been to several ups and downs and these events made our relationship better. Now, we are just waiting for some time to be with our angel.

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carlamaldita said...

wow 5 years! congrats!