It has been sometime since I last joined Yen's QOTW. It's time to make up and participate again.

Here are the questions for this week!

1. Are you easily influenced by other people or current trends? - Nope, not really. I always base it on my personal preference and budget (if it is within my means) first before I try to get into the bandwagon.

2. What makes you unique (in your own opinion)? - I am unique because I am ME. I try not to imitate anyone so as to have my own identity.

3. Name 3 of your worst quality. - I hardly say NO; I tend to keep my thoughts on my mind; Pessimist at times

4. Name 3 of your best. - I would say that I am friendly, understanding and organized

5. Describe the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you. - This will have to be my experience now that I am pregnant. First of, dear husband has been very supportive with my pregnancy. He makes sure that I am always doing fine. He pampers me and provides for the best.

6. Tell me about your dream last night. - None that I can think of. But the previous nights were always about the baby smiling.

7. What is the most expensive item you own? - my jewelries from my mom and our house :)

8. How about the least expensive? - a lot :) most especially my clothes

9. Do you ever leave little notes to your partner? - yup, but not that frequent anymore (which reminds me that I should do this again more often :)

10. When you’re talking, do you ever use your hands in the air to do quotation marks of certain words? - nope, never ever did...

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Rocks said...

hi sis! thanks sa pagbisita sa bago kong blog :) blogspot pa rin host ko dun sis.

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