i hate these chores

Rocks wanted to know which chores I hate to do... Being a SAHW is not easy. There are a lot of chores that needs to be done within the day. It is not pure sleeping and lazing around. There are certain chores that needs to be done even when it is done half-heartedly. In line with this, I have written below the chores that I wanted to ask someone to do for me.

This is how it goes


This meme is pretty simple.

Here are the rules:

1.) List down the household chores you hate and why. Do you think you can survive without helpers and nannies?
2.) Copy the image.

3.) Tag as many girlfriends as you want, the Daddies and Hubbies can also join.
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5.) Leave ME a comment and I'll add you up in the master list.

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My Answers:

I hate anything that has to do with pets, like feeding and cleaning their mess. I love playing with them but tidying their mess is another story...
in addition to this, I do not want to clean the mess of other people. I hate those who do not clean as they go, and wait for other people to do this stuff for them.

I hate doing the laundry. I am so meticulous with clothes, especially whites, that I wanted it to be really clean. But if I have to do the laundry, it will take me the whole day just to get the results that I wanted. I make babad, then wash it in the machine, then kusot then banlaw 3 to 4 times.

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Thanks for this Rocks, now I'd like to know what chores Rhea, Rhia, Melisse and Jacque hate to do

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