thankful thursday 1

I saw this from sis Rock's blog and I decided to join them too.
These days, more and more people are complaining about what they don't have. They do not see the small blessings that come in their ways. I have done this before but I only ended up feeling more depressed... but when I began counting my blessings, I feel that it has even multiplied.

Here is my list for my Thankful Thursday... I am thankful...
- that despite of being signal #2 in Isabela, which is brought about by typhoon Helen, they did not experience strong winds and rain which might affect the palay and corn.
- for the free lunch that G gets to eat whenever he works in the field.
- for the heartbeat of baby Gwenks that we again heard during our last OB appointment
- for the reimbursement that G received, we were able to buy maternity clothes from it
- for opps from the Inet, that adds to our meager income
- for friends who constantly pray for baby G's safety
- for a caring OB
- for Maxicare, our health card
- for the prenatal vitamins that keep baby G healthy inside my womb
- for the opportunity to be a SAHW, it gives me the chance to sleep whenever I feel like doing it


Denise said...

Welcome to thankful thursday, so happy that you have joined us. I enjoyed your beautiful thankful list, bless you.

sharon said...

Welcome to Thankful Thursday - loved your list.

Peculiar said...

We live on a small income too, and I too, stay at home with the kids, so we sacrifice a lot for this blessing, but no real complaints here. We don't have a lot, but we try to be careful what we do with God's money and time. God takes good care of us, even in leaner times. Small things, in our circumstance, mean a whole lot. We are just plain grateful!

Beth K. Vogt said...

Glad you are a part of TT! And congrats on being a mommy-to-be!