This week's QOTW from Yen...

1. How was your day yesterday?
- boring... it was like other ordinary day that I had in the past. It just went better at night when mom texted me, asking about her apo :)

2. Who do you dislike most? People who are so dull to talk to, people who don’t recognize your talent, or people who are better looking than you?
- people who are so dull to talk to... pwede bang people who ALWAYS talk about themselves na rin...

3. When you we’re still single or if you’re single, do you tend to date people younger or older than you?
- I prefer those who are older than I am. I think mas may sense sila kausap.

4. Do you have any fears, phobias, or concerns about doctors?
- None, I love doctors. Wag lang yung OB na bading na careless sa pagccheck-up.

5. What five things that you have done in life that you are most proud of?
- being a SAHW, future SAHM
- putting up my own business at age 22
- participated in volunteer works
- being a good student
- being a good daughter and sister

6. Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? Explain.
- A realist... I dream at times but I know when I should start working on my dreams

7. Which is worse, seeing someone chewing their fingernails or picking their nose?
- Picking their nose, in public...

8. Would you rather kiss a stranger or someone you hate?
- kiss a stranger... at least I won't be recognized (sana)

9. Would you rather be lost at sea or in a desert? Why?
- neither pwede? I can't live alone in such vast places

10.Would you rather speak with God for one minute or add one year to your life?
- speak with God for one minute... this might change the way my life is going on.

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FamiliaKhuletz said...

Most of our answers are the same. =)

My answers are posted HERE.