pregnant at 11 weeks

We are already on our 11th week of pregnancy and until now, I still don't have any pregnant picture (thanks to Manang J for reminding me :). Actually, I am thinking of having one but I feel so ugly these days. I am more conscious of how I look. Pimples have been growing not only on my face but also at my back. I read that this is brought about by the hormones in my body. I hope that by the end of July, I will already feel more confident in having my pictures. By this time, my mareng Sheng will be home and I asked her if she can take my pregnancy photos for remembrance.

From Baby Center... on my 11th week, baby gwenks already looked like this:


rara said...

hello! long time no update from you! ive already migrated from wordpress to blogspot how are you. hope you have a good time with your family and your new baby!

juliana said...

hey, buntis, ikaw din magsisisi ka. pictures taken early on will complete your scrapbook for your first baby. forget about pimples, and all.