laziness strikes me

I haven't been updating this site because of one reason. Laziness... Sluggishness. I know that you understand that this is very typical of a pregnant woman (I still feel 'heaven' calling myself pregnant). After a couple of weeks on bedrest, I am still one sleepyhead. I still wake up early to prepare and join G for breakfast. I also wait to see him go off for work but after that I hit the bed again. I wake up at around 10am, just in time for another meal. After we eat our lunch, I get to take a nap again :) See how my schedule works these days? I'm just glad that I haven't experienced V moments yet. I still eat a lot and now I look really big already. My tummy doesn't look like its only on its 8 week but much older and bigger. I just hope that everything's better with the baby... and that I won't have to reduce on my next trimester.

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