SocialSpark from IZEA

Blogging has been one of my favorite past time. Since I started last year, my idle times are no longer considered as such. I learned to love blogging because it is relaxing and therapeutic. Whenever I write my thoughts, I feel relieved and happy. In addition, I can also express myself easier. I no longer keep any emotions to myself. Aside from this, it has gained me a lot. I was able to make friends, talk with old friends and gained from it. You heard me right, you can earn through blogging. My latest fascination these days is SocialSpark. This is a site brought to us by IZEA where you can earn while blogging and writing your thoughts. It is open to all interested bloggers with very minimal requirements. Joining is easy. Just log in to their site and fill up your public profile. Once you finished this, add your blogs and wait for the Customer Love to approve it. After it is approved, you can now take on the opportunities available. Aside from these, the site has several features that bloggers will definitely love. You can send messages and even talk to your friends online.

I would say that I still have to learn a lot from the site. I just filled up my form the other day and submitted my blogs yesterday. I am still looking for friends, if you join us check out my profile and add me up. I'll wait for you okay... now head to their site and check them out as well.

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