a mommy post

A couple of Sundays ago, most countries around the world celebrated Mother's Day. On this day, mothers received different types, kinds and sizes of gifts from their children. There are those that received flowers, there were also those who got more personal gifts. On the other hand, mothers who have elder children who can afford to splurge on more expensive gifts gave them mommy makeover. There are children or even husbands who save for this event to give what they think are best for their mothers.

One of the favorite make over, which is very common for women, is the California tummy tuck. This is also known as abdominoplasty. This is a plastic surgery procedure wherein the tummy is flattened to remove the excess fat and skin around the belly area. The fat in the belly area is due to the pregnancy, aging or weight loss experienced along the years. To fully remove the excess fats, abdominoplasty is usually made together with liposuction. The result of this procedure is an improved body shape and contour as well as a smoother shape within the abdomen area. In order to get the best results, make sure that you have the procedure made by anyone of the Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. These surgeons are mostly graduates from well-known medical schools. They are likewise trained to undergo medical procedures with the latest technologies.

If we find a reliable (and not to expensive) cosmetic surgeon to do this procedure, we would also want our mom to have this type of makeover. We wanted her to look and feel young again. We know that this will help her a lot in gaining her self-confidence. For this year, we just sent mommy messages and made phone calls to her on her special day. They (mom & dad) went out for any early lunch after they went to mass. She also received a bunch of flowers from dad.

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