entrecard droppers' list

As I wrote in my other blog, Entrecard has helped me ALOT, in terms of increasing my traffic and Alexa Ranking. Because of this, I am more inspired to drop cards everyday. Since it is very time consuming and there are even times when I forget who must be prioritized, I thought of making my own list for it.

To start with, I will check on every sites on my blogroll who are already with Entrecard as well. I'll list them and create a folder for it on my bookmark page. Every time I get the chance to drop cards, they will be the first in my list.

For everyone who has ecards on their sites, please check for my list if I am able to add your sites already. From time to time, I will update it here. For those who are NOT on my list but would like me to dropped my card on their inboxes, feel free to comment on this entry so that I can add your sites as well.

I will initially start with 100-150 sites, depending on the response. I hope to hear from everyone :)

By the way, I have three sites with entrecard widgets, that means I will drop using my two sites (and another one, G's site). These are:


maiylah said...

hope I can be added to your list! :)

Sonnie said...

count me in

Kevin said...

can i join this party?