wanted: pest control

Have you seen the animation movie 'Ant Bully'? I think I am turning into one lately. Ever since I moved here at my in-laws' house I have been having problems with ants. Every time I clean the house, our room and our working area, I always end up sweeping hundreds of ants. There are several types of ants like the red ants and the black ants. The black ants are friendlier and easier to manage because they don't bite; they just crawl up to my hands. The red ants, on the other hand, are fiercer and they bite. It is very painful that the more I wanted to get rid of them.

I brought up this concern to G because he knows more about dealing with these pests. He told me that he will consult a pest control agency that will handle our problem. He prefers something like the Portland pest control because this is an agency that handles pests really well. To prove this, they have been in the industry for more than 20 years already. They offer several services that will guarantee the removal of the pests. They do residential and commercial pest control, air duct cleaning and crawl space restoration. Aside from this, they have a classification for each pest that will further help them on how to eliminate it easier. From what I read from their website, I am convinced that they can really work on the ants at home. They also have a guarantee of their work up to 5 years for carpenter ants and a lifetime protection plan for soil ants. I would likewise recommend them to my friend who is also looking for a pest control agency since a part of their house is infested with termites. They need one immediately because termites are structural pests and they might end up with no out any home if they don’t have it checked soon.

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