technology updates

The last time I talked with my sister who is in KSA, she was telling me how doctors in their hospital has gone high tech. They are now using online drug reference whenever they need to check on certain medicines that they need to administer their patients. They no longer have to search on books and other medical literatures to verify the effects of these medicines. Since they always bring their smartphones and PDAs with them, it is now easier for them to look for references. The software for these gadgets are distributed by Epocrates, Inc. Free software for the Blackberry phones are already available while software for Apple is already being studied. In addition, medical practitioners with iPod Touch and iPhones can also access the Epocrates drug references online with the use of their safari browsers.

While listening to her stories, I can't help but compare the doctors in their hospital to the Filipino doctors. Since the budget for the health sector in the Philippines is very minimal, it would be impossible for these doctors to have these new gadgets and software. If ever one of these doctors have such high-tech units, she or he would have paid for it and it is now given by the government.

I wish that someday, the Filipino doctors will also experience the latest gadgets in their hands...

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

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