talking about communication

My business yahoogroup have been talking about the importance of communication in their offices. Most of the owners are using different forms of communication in order to monitor their employees and clients. There are those who uses the ever reliable landlines, there are also those who are on-the-go who uses the cellular phones. While they were exchanging ideas regarding the best possible communication tool, one opened up the Nimbus VoIP Phone Systems. He claimed that it is very convenient for him and for his employees and clients as well. It has plug and play features plus web control panels for easier manipulation of the voicemails and dial contacts. It is likewise cheaper since you will no longer need to buy the traditional PBX phone system. In addition, they also offer unlimited calls going to US and free dialing to any other Nimbus VoIP phones all over the world. Who wouldn't want to have savings, right? So I think, by this time, most of the members availed of this already.

Now I'm thinking how communication really works effectively. If only we get to read the correct meanings of the things being said to us... for sure, there will be no more war in the world.

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