taking care of her

I miss my 'inang'... During special occasions like our graduation, she would always join us. This is the case even if she is having difficult times traveling. My grandmother was paralyzed for the last 15 years of her life. Since she had her first attack, she was always confined in her chair. During her check ups, we saw her feel relieved whenever she uses the Guardian Transfer Bench. This has soft pads that make her feel more relaxed. If only we had the means to order through AllegroMedical.com we would have gotten something like this. Allegro Medical is a trusted company of medical equipments. Their clients are very satisfied with the services that they provide. Because of this, they expanded and added exercise & fitness equipments and nutritional dietary supplements. There are even maternity and baby supplies as well as outdoor gears available. If ever I’ll avail of any of these items soon, I might contact them or I can also inquire if they have distributors here in the Philippines for cheaper shipping costs.

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