Late na naman ako :)

Here's my version for this week:

1. Did you know what time and day you were born? If so, please share.
- I don't know the exact time basta daw it's before 7 am (sa bahay lang ako pinanganak, sa kamay ng midwife) and its on a Monday...

2. Do you like shoes or barefoot?
barefoot if I'm at my parents house

3. Painted nails or not?
- plain pink toenails lang

4. What’s your favorite “finger food”?
- hmmm... chitchirya and chicharon with lots of suka (vinegar)

5. What is your favorite all time tv show?
- more of quiz shows, but nothing in particular

6. What is on your favorite burger?
- any burger from Wendy's with lots of cheese

7. What was your least favorite class in school?
- during College, its Calculus

8. Movies….comedy, action, drama or romantic comedy?
- I'm a fan of Julia Roberts so I go for romantic comedy

9. Look to your left now….what do you see?
- the road with lots of drivers with their tricycles

10. Favorite brand of toothpaste?
- all-time Colgate (batang Colgate to-its because my dad used to work for Colgate Palmolive Phil... I wasn't able to taste other brands until I was 19, when he retired)

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Rosemarie said...

hehehe akala ko ao na ang late hehehe