the long wait is over

Have you heard of Bloggerwave? This is one of the sites that I found over the web that offers paid blogging. I heard of some bloggers joining it so I joined it too. I was a member since 2007 and I did one post for it already. After that, I would visit the site often but there were no offers/tasks available for me. There was even a time when their system went down and everything started to be vague. I had to reaffirm my password and everything... but last Tuesday I received a message coming from Paypal informing me that I received $10 from Bloggerwave. I thought it was a mistake since I can't remember what Bloggerwave was, or where it is connected... when I checked my previous mails, I found out that I enrolled into their system. When I opened my account, I found out that the payment was for a post that I wrote for them sometime in November 2007. Yup, that was about 5 months ago :) ...I am just so happy that despite the long months of waiting (and I'm not even sure that I'll ever get paid) I was paid. This is indeed a blessing for me. A $10 is a $10. It's something because when it is converted to Philippine Peso, its P400 already. It's an addition to my savings :D

If you'd ask me now if I'd recommend Bloggerwave, I think its worth a try... maybe those who have higher PRs may receive opportunities. There's nothing to lose anyway, in fact, you might even gain something when things turn out okay...


Abaniko said...

Cool. P400 can't just be picked from the streets just that. It's real money. That's already 53 jeepney rides to work for me. :)

juliana said...

huh??? so there's a chance they will pay. I have the same story as yours. they never paid a post I wrote for them and I think that was also in November.

i've never been on the portal for ages, nor even bother to contact them.

Joey said...

Hay, I made a post for them around November or December din, but there seemed to be a problem with them. Di ko na finollow up. Sana they will pay me too :)