long vacation

I had a long vacation... obviously I haven't been blogging the past 5 days because I was to busy with other things :)
Saturday, I started watching LOBO online through Youtube. This is a teleserye from ABSCBN which stars Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin. I liked the scene that I was able to watch previously that is why I concluded that I should watch it as well... we don't watch any other channel here at home except for GMa and QTv.
Sunday, I continued watching but had to pause in between to prepare for meals and to go to mass.
Monday, we woke up late already because G & I wanted to bond more in bed *wink*. We cannot enjoy sleeping late during weekdays because he has to go to work. In the afternoon, I cleaned our room while he cleaned the junk at the back. We sold the junk and got around P720 from it.
Tuesday, G took a leave from office. We went to Divi for an errand. We got home late and I wasn't able to log on already... I was too tired to even open the computer.
Wednesday, we didn't have internet in the morning but I started lay-outing my cousin's wedding invites... so far so good. I just have to find the right paper for it...

*that's it.. tomorrow, I have another set of workload. I hope to finish it early so that I can continue with my Lobo series.

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