donations that really help

I have wanted to win the lottery (who doesn't...) and one of my main goals if ever I get to really win is to give a part of it to charity. I wanted to share my blessings to the less fortunate. But even if I haven't won the lotto yet, I still share my blessings. I look for institutions that really deserve help. One of my recent finds is the Angel Ministries. This is an organization that accepts different type of donations. They accept vehicles, trailers and boat donations. They help different individuals like teens, homeless, orphans, single mother and even adult rehab. They usually help people from poor countries like in Kenya and India. The money that they receive goes to their projects like children's animations and anti-drug documentaries.

So if you are looking for a charity institution to help, you may want to donate boats or any other vehicles that are just stuck up in your garage. If only I have a boat, I will surely donate my boat to charity.

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